Auburn Public Library

Train Art Installation at Auburn Public Library

Today I took a little walk with my son around a new library. We visited the Auburn Public Library, a branch of the King County Library System.

I loved the layout. It was a nice and open single story building. I wish it hadn’t been raining because I would have liked to explore the grounds outside. But with the little one that made things difficult.

My son immediately ran to the train glass art piece on the wall. It was a cute thing to have leading up to the children’s section. I also liked the meeting room. It was a room surrounded by glass, with two sides of the room that were left open while unused. I thought that was a great way to let people use the space even if they don’t have the meeting room reserved.

Something else that caught my eye was an automated book cart that a staff member was using to put books away. I regret not taking a video of it in action. It’s called an ErgoCart and this is what it looks like.

amh-ergocarts1After coming home and doing a little research, I learned that these carts are part of an automated check in system that sorts materials for staff. The makers of the system, Lyngsoe Systems, write about their product’s implementation at KCLS:

“When KCLS decided to proceed with automation of materials handling, work flow at the branches was scrutinized. The many giant bins that were filled daily at each site with return materials were overwhelming. The physical work flow involved pushing these extremely heavy bins to a work station where the staff person was literally surrounded by 3-tier book carts. They (staff) were the sorting system.” (Source.)

The automation system automatically sorts the books checked in at the self check in kiosks and puts them on these ErgoCarts allowing staff to go straight from check in to shelving.

I thought it was pretty cool!


Author: Larissa Hammond

Librarian. Writer. Mom.