I fell in love with libraries because they are subversive.

It was Banned Books Week that inspired me to be a librarian.

I was a student at North Idaho College, and I was meandering through the Molstead Library. I had become a regular, and had frequently checked out an old copy of Moby Dick, mostly because the checkout slip on the inside fascinated me with dates going back several decades. Continue reading “I fell in love with libraries because they are subversive.”


Musings of a Would-Be Web Librarian

Web librarians, ebranch librarians, cybrarians and other similar terms are proliferating the literature of the library world. What exactly do these terms mean and when will librarians stay ahead of the curve and finally be able to provide the finished product of the best library website ever?

There’s the rub.

They can’t. Continue reading “Musings of a Would-Be Web Librarian”